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An introduction to Senegal Parrots.

The Senegal Parrot (Poicephalus senegalus) is one of nine birds in the Poicephalus genus, a collection of species originating from Africa. There are three subspecies, and this article covers Senegal Parrots and Senegal Parrot breeders…

Parrots as Pets.

This is part one of a three part series looking at all aspects of keeping parrots as pets. Parrots are stunning, intelligent birds, and they make fantastic and rewarding companions, however, they require a lot more thought and attention than a typical family pet…

Parrots as Pets (Part Two).

All parrots are intelligent and this means that you will need to provide enough distractions to keep them occupied. This second article covers intelligence and mimicry in parrots…

Parrots as Pets (Part Three).

This final article in the series, analyzes all the relevant factors in keeping parrots as pets. It starts by addressing the issue of noise: Whilst parrots talking is entertaining they also make all sorts of other noise, and you need to make sure that not only you can put up the noise levels, but also your neighbors. A squawking parrot is a healthy parrot so this is not a trait that you can train away, it is one that you must be happy with if you are going to buy a parrot…

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